Happy anniversary 16-bit Audiophile Project!!

1 year ago this project was born.

At that time I didn’t have idea of how it would have come out and thought that it would sink in few weeks because no one would be interested.

But let’s take a look at the present: we have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a Youtube channel, a fantastic staff and a Forum with a small but awesome community! We actually have more than 100 users registered! Yay!

I’d like to spend just a moment to thank all you guys for your support so far and now it’s your chance to give something back to us and aid us in our quest.

To celebrate our first anniversary I present you a physical release of our latest work, something that took more than 2 months to be made:

Please welcome the Street Fighter II’ Turbo Soundtrack, on CD Audio and hi-res DVD Audio!!!


This is a one of, only one copy has been made and there won’t be more. Also, this release will not be released online, the only way to obtain it is this physical release.

Inside you will find:

  • 1 CD Audio
  • 1 DVD Audio (hi res audio)
  • A 6-page booklet

This soundtrack is special as it was ripped from an unreleased beta of the game that had its soundtrack made as faithful to the arcade version as possible. In fact it used every single channel the YM2612 chip had and, while playing, some of the channel actually had to turn off to play sound effects!!

It’s an awesome, awesome release that any serious 16-bit videogame fan can’t  miss.

So… how can you obtain it?
It’s simple: it is actually up on eBay for sell in an auction; the highest bidder wins it!
We ship worldwide so don’t worry about where you are!
The money will be used to pay the hosting of the website and used for better equipment or a paid MediaFire account so we can upload larger files faster.

Here’s the link to the auction:

Good luck and thank you again for supporting us!

Another post will follow up shortly announcing the winner of the auction and future plans for the project.
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