What’s the goal of the project?

Our goal is archiving the music of the 16-bit console era reproduced by original hardware (no emulators!) and recorded through professional audio recording equipment to bring you the best quality videogame soundtracks with with the highest accuracy.

One day all our dearest old consoles might die and we won’t have the possibility of listening to the original soundtracks of our beloved games anymore in their original form.
Also, bear in mind that most of the soundtracks on Youtube are recorded from inaccurate emulators and aren’t even close to how a real Mega Drive/Genesis sounds.

To know more about how we’re recording music from the Mega Drive, check out The Equipment page.

Are we using the CCA (Crystal Clear Audio) or any other modification?

We’re not.
That mod actually replaces the entire output stage of the Mega Drive/Genesis thus giving us a very pure sound which is not how a genuine, original Mega Drive sounds.
Our goal is trying to be as close to the sound of the original hardware as possible!

What are we using to playback music natively from the Mega Drive without sound effects?

Thanks to DeadFish Shitware we have a custom made VGM player which has been developed to achieve 100% accurate reproduction of the VGM files kindly provided by Project2612. Thanks to them, we are (apparently) the only group in the world who’s able to rip ANY game in the Mega Drive library with absolute accuracy.

How will the music be shared?

Check out our Media section to know more about it.

[7/11/2013] I’ve downloaded one of your releases and now I have a bunch of 7z.001, .002 etc files! How can I extract them?

These are chunks compressed in the 7zip format, you can extract them with 7z, a free software available for Win, Linux and Mac.
You can get it here https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

[9/10/2014] I’d love to request a game!

Awesome! You can do so in our forum in the “Request” subforum. Make sure to read the Example Thread and the other pinned thread to know our policy on how we choose which game will be released next.
As of now we’re accepting Mega Drive/Genesis and Amiga requests only.

[29/08/2019] Can I submit my own recordings?

YES! As long as you follow our guidelines we’ll be accepting Mega Drive and Genesis rips from our community.


And that’s it.
If you have any more questions please reach out to us through the Contact Us page or ask in the Forums. We will be happy to reply asap and maybe your question will make it to the FAQs page!

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