Outrun Soundtracks

Outrun is one of the stand-out Arcade classics of the 1980s. Successfully capturing the spirit of cross-continental travel in one of the world’s most amazing supercars had never been so thrilling and relaxed at the same time. This was thanks in no small part to the music, by the now-legendary Hiro who also composed for Space Harrier, Enduro Racer and Afterburner.

When the time came for conversions to home machines, Sega’s Master System was only a staple console in Europe and Brazil – with the NES dominating in most other territories. This was likely a key reason why they licensed certain titles to third parties (They also did this with Space Harrier and Afterburner, among a few) – additional cash flow.

Release Date: 1988 (AMI), 1991 (MD)
Developer: SEGA Enterprises
Publisher: US Gold (AMI), SEGA (MD)

MD Recording Date: 15/02/2014
AMI Recording Date: 24/08/2014

Mega Drive / Genesis

Outrun ( Mega Drive / Genesis ) Soundtrack

Turbografx-16 / PC Engine

Outrun ( Turbografx-16 / PC Engine ) Soundtrack

Commodore Amiga

Outrun ( Commodore Amiga ) Soundtrack

Musician: T’s Music Musician: Shigeharu Isoda Musician: Jason C. Brooke
MD/Gen Tracklist: (old version, recorded from a modded PAL system)

  1. Magical Sound Shower
  2. Splash Wave
  3. Passing Breeze
  4. Step on Beat
  5. Last Wave
Turbografx-16 Tracklist:

  1. Awaiting Recording
Amiga Tracklist:

  1. Introducing Outrun
  2. Magical Sound Shower
  3. Splash Wave
  4. Passing Breeze

AudiophileFLAC 96/24
96,000hz / 24bit

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44,100 hz / 16bit

Portable PlayerMP3


Audiophile – FLAC 96/24
96,000hz / 24bit

Casual Listener – FLAC CD
44,100 hz / 16bit

Portable Player – MP3
192 Kbps

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Remaster by Community

Release Author: ButcherGrindslam
Mega Drive/Genesis model: NTSC US Model 1 VA6
Mods: No
Method of Playback: DeadFish Player
Recording audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB
OS: Windows 7 x64

Software: Cubase 5

Additional notes: –


01 – Magical Sound Shower.flac
02 – Splash Wave.flac
03 – Passing Breeze.flac
04 – Step On Beat.flac
05 – Last Wave.flac



This Soundtrack is completely and absolutely NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY to SEGA’S OUTRUN 20TH ANNIVERSARY BOX SOUNDTRACKS, this is a FAN MADE RIP of the in-game music and is not meant as copyright infringement of the original work.