Links & Contacts

Links & Contacts

Meet the staff!

donluca – The boss. The one who started it all. I’m also the one who records the music and does the quality check. All props and complaints are welcome, as well as hints and suggestions on making the project better. You reach out to me on our Forums or follow me at

Roareye – Roareye is the second in command. He’s the second administrator of the project and the one responsible for the Amiga soundtracks. He’s also the Chief Moderator on our boards. When I’m away, he’s the one taking control of the project during my absence.

Antares88 – The one who set up the website. I share the webmaster mail with him. If something is wrong with the website, report it to us in our Forums.

Haggar – He is the one to thank for… well, actually all the downloads! He is the one uploading all the stuff and managing the torrents.
Also, while you’re at it, check out his website too at !

Lil’mattere – One of our great contributors has generously decided to help us managing the Youtube channel! He admins the Youtube channel, uploads the videos and manages them! If there’s something wrong with the videos or the channel itself, you can contact him directly through our Youtube Channel !

Truepack – He’s the man behind our awesome custom covers and the Youtube videos art!


DeadFish Shitware – They provided us a custom made VGM file player. Without it this project would not exist. They have other videogame music software as well.

Project2612 – Those brave guys ripped almost all the MegaDrive games in VGM format and they agreed to let us use their work. If you’re interested in those files, you should definitely go check them out.

RadioSEGA – An awesome online Radio that broadcasts all things SEGA! They are using our work to provide better quality tracks to their listeners and sometime we’ll pop on their shows as guests to give insights on our project and videogame music in general.

Caverns of Hope – This project is all about our favorite dolphin: Ecco! They made an outstanding updated and enhanced version of Ecco the Dolphin for PC using our superior quality soundtrack: make sure to check it out here!

Useful links:

foobar2000 – The music player of our choice available on Windows, it supports almost any format.

XLD – For Mac users, it converts FLAC files to ALAC without quality loss so they can load them on iTunes or other softwares on a Mac. It comes in a package that contains both the command line version and one with a nice interface.

7z – You’ll need this to extract our releases’ files since they are now distributed as chunks and not single tracks anymore. Windows, Linux and Mac versions available.

JDownloader – A download manager written in Java which works on all OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc…). It comes really handy when you have to download the entire album here in the website as you can queue the downloads and forget about them until they are done. Strongly recommended.