Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage Soundtracks

Streets of Rage was created to challenge Capcom’s Final Fight arcade game, and began a legacy which would not only come to beat Capcom’s classic side-scroller, but also define the genre for decades.

If you know Streets of Rage, you’re likely aware of the name Yuzo Koshiro. Yuzo was the musician who created the iconic chiptunes that play throughout the games, influenced directly by late 80s house, trance and rave music. These include influences from Enigma, a German techno musician, and Italian house music group Black Box.

The Mega Drive music was replicated very closely on the Master System and Game Gear conversions (By Mikito Ichikawa) so that even those with 8 bit machines could enjoy the vibe of Koshiro’s music. Not an easy task since the soundtrack was made using Koshiro’s own programming language ‘Music Love’.

We’ve modified the song order of the Game Gear and Master System soundtracks to match up as closely as possible with the original Mega Drive listing. Oddly, the Game Gear soundtrack includes a version of Back To The Industry which is only found in Streets of Rage II on the Mega Drive.

Release Date: 1991
Developer: SEGA Enterprises
Publisher: SEGA Enterprises

MD Recording Date: 31/03/2014
MS Recording Date:
GG Recording Date: 24/05/2016

Mega Drive / Genesis

Streets of Rage (Mega Drive / Genesis) Soundtrack

Game Gear

Streets of Rage (Game Gear) Soundtrack

Musician: Yuzo Koshiro Musician: Yuzo Koshiro, Mikito Ichikawa
MD/Gen Tracklist:

  1. The Streets of Rage
  2. Player Select
  3. Fighting in the Streets (Stage 1)
  4. Dilapidated Town (Stage 2)
  5. Moon Beach (Stage 3)
  6. Keep the Groovin’ (Stage 4)
  7. Beatnik on the Ship (Stage 5)
  8. Stealthy Steps (Stage 6)
  9. Violent Breathing (Stage 7)
  10. The Last Soul (Stage 8)
  11. Attack the Barbarian (Boss)
  12. Big Boss
  13. You Became the Bad Guy!
  14. Good Ending
Game Gear Tracklist:

  1. The Streets of Rage
  2. Player Select
  3. Fighting in the Streets (Stage 1)
  4. Keep the Groovin’ (Stage 2)
  5. Beatnik on the Ship (Stage 3)
  6. Back to the Industry (Stage 4)
  7. The Last Soul (Stage 5)
  8. Attack the Barbarian (Boss)
  9. Big Boss
  10. My Little Baby (Good End)
  11. Level Clear
  12. Game Over
Download (old inaccurate release):

AudiophileFLAC 96/24
96,000hz / 24bit
Casual ListenerFLAC CD
44,100 hz / 16bit
Portable Player – MP3

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Remaster by Community:

Release Author: ButcherGrindslam
Mega Drive/Genesis model: NTSC US Model 1 VA6
Mods: No
Method of Playback: DeadFish Player
Recording audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB
OS: Windows 7 x64

Software: Cubase 5

Additional notes: –


01 – The Street of Rage.flac
02 – Player Select.flac
03 – Fighting in the Street.flac
04 – Dilapidated Town.flac
05 – Moon Beach.flac
06 – Keep the Groovin’.flac
07 – Beatnik on the Ship.flac
08 – Stealthy Steps.flac
09 – Violent Breathing.flac
10 – The Last Soul.flac
11 – Attack the Barbarian.flac
12 – Round Clear.flac
13 – Game Over.flac
14 – Big Boss.flac
15 – You Became the Bad Guy!.flac
16 – My Little Baby.flac