About the formats:

The music is available in 3 different formats:

  • FLAC 96/24: This is what the project is all about: hi-resolution files sampled at 96 Khz and 24 bit. You will need a Sound Card or DAC that supports it and set your audio settings accordingly to fully benefit from it, otherwise you’d better go with our FLAC CD version as an improperly set up software/OS playing 96/24 material will have a detrimental effect on sound quality.
    A good quality hi-fi, head-fi or computer speaker system connected to your PC is highly recommended as well.
  • FLAC: Standard CD quality, you can enjoy this format on any computer with any Sound Card without making changes to your audio settings. Just make sure that the audio player of your choice supports it (i.e.: WinAmp, foobar2000, etc. Mac users might want to convert it to Apple Lossless through XLD)
  • MP3: Compressed sound quality audio to enjoy wherever and whenever you want. Sampled at 192 kbps for maximum compatibility with any portable player.

Inaccurate releases

Those releases, which are going to be highlighted with a strikethrough font, have been done when we were using a 60hz modded PAL MegaDrive. Unfortunately, even by swapping the crystal, the speed and pitch were still slightly off, by a margin of 0.951%.
If you just want to enjoy the music, it’s highly likely you won’t notice a difference.
But if you’re using our work for critical work, you might want to avoid them for now, until they’ll get remastered.

About Community Releases

Community releases are marked with a * and have their title in italic.
Those are releases made by our community following our very strict guidelines (which you can read here) which ensure that the resulting tracks follow our very high quality and accuracy standards.
In addition, each community release will clearly state the Mega Drive model and recording interface used among all the other important specs. You can read them in their download page and in the info.txt file you can find in the release.
If the author has followed our guidelines closely, the community releases will be completely undistinguishable from our own.
Although, bear in mind that as of now (11/11/2019) there’s no one checking them so if there’s something wrong please do report them by either posting in our forums in the release’s own thread or through our Facebook or Twitter page.