Sonic The Hedgehog CD

Sonic The Hedgehog CD ( Mega CD / SEGA CD ) SoundtrackSonic The Hedgehog CD ( Mega CD / Sega CD ) Soundtrack


This soundtrack has been digitally ripped from the original Sonic CD game disc.
With the exception of the Past Zones tracks, all the others are bog standard Redbook Audio CD tracks you can listen by yourself just by putting the original game disc into a  normal CD Audio player. You’d get the exact same quality as the ones here.
The Past Zones tracks are PCM as well so, again, nothing special about them.
They have been digitally ripped using vgmplay.

Someone could make a point that we should have recorded them from a Mega CD, but since the sounds are not synthesized, but sampled, there’s no point really.
The composers most likely made those tracks on a DAW or, more probably, with a keyboard workstation, a couple of external synths, some AKAI samplers and a sequencer.
I’m sure they didn’t bother “mastering” the tracks for the Mega CD as there’s not a strong low pass filter on the PCM side (the Ricoh RF5C164A chip) so there’s no point really in degrading the soundtrack quality by ripping it via analog outputs: a digital rip will yield a superior sound and be much closer to what the composers intended.

If you have the original disc or the anniversary OST, there’s no point in getting this, really.

The tracks are ordered following the official SEGA OST and not the order of the game disc.
Track titles have been taken from the official SEGA OST as well, there might be some very minor differences from the other releases (ie: Special Zone -> Special Stage).

If it wasn’t clear from the album art, this is the EU/JP version.


01 – Sonic – You Can Do Anything (Opening Theme).flac
02 – Title.flac
03 – Little Planet.flac
04 – Palmtree Panic.flac
05 – Palmtree Panic G Mix.flac
06 – Palmtree Panic P Mix.flac
07 – Palmtree Panic B Mix.flac
08 – Collision Chaos.flac
09 – Collision Chaos G Mix.flac
10 – Collision Chaos P Mix.flac
11 – Collision Chaos B Mix.flac
12 – Tidal Tempest.flac
13 – Tidal Tempest G Mix.flac
14 – Tidal Tempest P Mix.flac
15 – Tidal Tempest B Mix.flac
16 – Quartz Quadrant.flac
17 – Quartz Quadrant G Mix.flac
18 – Quartz Quadrant P Mix.flac
19 – Quartz Quadrant B Mix.flac
20 – Wacky Workbench.flac
21 – Wacky Workbench G Mix.flac
22 – Wacky Workbench P Mix.flac
23 – Wacky Workbench B Mix.flac
24 – Stardust Speedway.flac
25 – Stardust Speedway G Mix.flac
26 – Stardust Speedway P Mix.flac
27 – Stardust Speedway B Mix.flac
28 – Metallic Madness.flac
29 – Metallic Madness G Mix.flac
30 – Metallic Madness P Mix.flac
31 – Metallic Madness B Mix.flac
32 – Boss.flac
33 – Final Fever.flac
34 – Zone Clear.flac
35 – Speed Up.flac
36 – Invincible.flac
37 – Game Over.flac
38 – Special Zone.flac
39 – Cosmic Eternity – Believe In Yourself (Ending Theme).flac
40 – Untitled.flac
41 – Untitled.flac