Sonic 3D (Saturn)

Sonic 3D (Saturn) SoundtrackSonic 3D (Saturn) Soundtrack


This soundtrack has been digitally ripped from the Saturn version.

Not much to say here, all the tracks were just redbook audio so I just extracted them from the US version taken from a Trurip set which ensures that the image is 1:1 with the original. I used XLD on my Mac to extract the audio files using the CD Paranoia III engine to make sure that I’ll get perfect tracks without extraction errors or inaccuracies.
The logs report no errors in the process.
Being ripped from redbook audio, the files are provided as standard resolution at 44.1Khz, 16 bit. No conversions were needed.

The order of the tracks have been slightly altered here and there to make them follow the musics you’d listen as if playing the game.

Incredibly, there’s not an OST of this game, so here you go: this is the closest you’ll get to a Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Original Soundtrack. Enjoy!