Outrun 2019 released!

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ButcherGrindslam graces us with a completely new release: Outrun 2019!

A bit of a shame that this came 3 years late, it would have been dope to have this out in actual 2019, but, hey, it’s here!

Thanks to ButcherGrindslam for yet another contribution and I’ll see you next time… where we’ll witness the return of one of our first contributors, a real OG!

The contribution guidelines have been updated

Hi everyone,

this is aimed mainly at our contributors (current and future ones!).

I’ve made a small update on the guidelines on how to contribute to the project and, as always, they’ve been highlighted in blue color.

It’s not a major change but an important one so I’d appreciate if you could look into it.

The TL;DR is that I’ve posted an “adjusted” version of the Deadfish VGM Player made especially for VGMs which have been ripped with blast’em which will yield more accurate results, tempo-wise.

If you’re unsure about what to use or whether the VGM has been ripped with blast’em that’s perfectly ok, just keep on using the version of the Deadfish VGM player you already have as it will make a difference so small as to be indistinguishable.

Finally, I’ll take this opportunity to thank again all our contributors that have been pushing the project forward: without you, this project would probably be dead.

Thank you so much.

Contra: Hard Corps has been remastered by our Community!

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ButcherGrindslam is back with his remasters and this time it’s Contra: Hard Corps!

Thanks again to ButcherGrindslam for his many contributions and help in remastering our old releases.

We still have some community releases in the pipe, so don’t go anywhere!

Quackshot released!

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This new Community Release from CrazyToaster has a bit of lore behind it.

When I decided to make the project open to community’s requests, so that anyone could ask for a game to be recorded and released, I had to create an example thread on how to make a proper request and I chose to use Quackshot as an example.

This was not a decision made out of the blue: I loved both the game and the music of Quackshot so I hoped that by putting Quackshot as an example people would be inclined to request it.
Except that people didn’t until very late, like, 8 years after I made that example request thread.

And after more than 10 years, finally my wish has been granted.

Now I know how all the people feel when they requested a game 10 years ago and haven’t seen their request fulfilled yet.

Anyway… thanks a lot to CrazyToaster for yet another great contribution, one very dear to me, and, as always, stay tuned as we have more Community Releases coming!

World of Illusion released!

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We’re taking a break from all the Community Remasters and Prototypes to release a new game, one I’ve absolutely loved and, if you have never played it with a friend, I strongly encourage you to try out.

Courtesy of our contributor, CrazyToaster, we’re thrilled to release Disney’s World of Illusion, starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck!

And, as I said, not only the game is an absolute blast, but the soundtrack is among one of my favorites.
I might have said this already, but Disney was absolutely on top of his game during the Mega Drive era, delivering amazing games from his various franchises and this is, IMHO, the best of the bunch.

Thanks again to CrazyToaster and stay tuned as the next release will have a bit of a lore background!

Streets of Rage has been remastered by the Community!

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This was one of the most needed remaster I feel we had to do and now it has been remastered by our community, courtesy of Mr. ButcherGrindslam who keeps on putting a lot of effort into helping us for our cause!

Thanks again ButcherGrindslam for your continued efforts and keep your eyes open because I can tell you he’s not done yet!

See you soon!