300 members!!

Well, if someone came to me last year and told me “hey don, you know, you’re going to have 300 members in your forum in one year” I’d probably make a funny face and tell him “yeah… sure…” while patting on his virtual shoulder.

Guess what?
As a write this post, we’ve reached 300 members on the forums!!!

I want to thank all of you guys for following us so far, watching our community grow day by day is awesome and it really makes me feel less lonely on this small retrogaming music island.

What’s more, our Youtube channel has 93 subscribers and 19482 unique views and last month people have watched a grand total of 3120 minutes of videos (that’s 52 hours!!) and our Facebook page has 126 Likes so far!

The project is growing each day and I can’t be happier, I really hope that this will turn one day into something huge and become a landmark for people looking for high quality retro game music.

I’ll close this post saying that a new release is coming very very soon and the next one is already in the works and it’s gonna be epic!

Again, thank you for sticking with us and I’ll see you guys soon!