A chance to update our logo and album cover art

Hi everyone,

one of our followers which works as a graphic designer has graciously offered us the opportunity to have a new unique logo made for our project and redesign our album and youtube cover art.

As with most of the decisions made in the project, you, the community, play a very important role in it.
Let’s start with a bit of lore behind what we’ve been using for the last 8 years as logo and cover art.

When this whole thing started, my idea was to just make proper recordings for the “canon” Sonic games and it made sense to me to use the Sonic & Knuckles logo which I’ve always loved and thought of as pretty cool.
As for the album and youtube art, it was the work of our original graphic designer, Truepack, that took it upon himself to design something reminiscent of the game boxes and adapt it to what would be a CD jewel box cover art.
I loved the idea and, at that time, I never thought it would have blown up like this, I thought it was just a 2-3 games work and nobody would notice it, but here we are.

The main thing I wanted to discuss is that the S&K logo, while definitely being cool, doesn’t really make sense anymore and it’s not something which reminds of “audiophile grade recordings”. So I thought that something more appropriate could be made to make our project and its goal instantly recognizable.

The big issue I see in doing so, is that I believe that by now the bond between our project and the S&K logo has become unbreakable since we’ve been using it for 8 years: I swear that everytime someone looks at the S&K logo immediately thinks of our project and viceversa, we’ve become synonymous one with each other.
I’m afraid that by suddenly changing the logo to something else we might disorient people who’ve become accustomed to our old avatar.

So it’s entirely up to you to decide what to do: bear in mind that we already have releases of other, non-SEGA consoles and will definitely make more in the future.

I’ll try to put some kind of voting system up on both Facebook and Twitter, plus you can make your voice heard in our forums and Discord channel. Every opinion matters.

In case of a draw or being it very close, I’ll just play it safe and decide to just leave things as they are now.

Thank you for following us so far and stay tuned for newer developments and releases!