A new contributor joins the party along with his first contribution: Jewel Master!

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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing good during these difficult times out there.

Today I’m delighted to announce that our team of contributors has expanded: let’s all give Marking a warm welcome and thank him for his first release: Jewel Master!

It’s truly heartwarming seeing many people use their passion and dedication towards our cause and I’ll never stop thanking all of you for helping us out.

While we’re at it, I’ve also done several changes on the backbone of the website: I’ve done a huge upgrade on the server and improved the security of the website.
The very same improvements have been applied to our Forums as well.

I’ll also need to make another very nice announcement soon, because thanks to the MDFourier team we’ve also discovered another very important thing about our project and the choices we’ve made so far (spoilers: everything’s great!).

This said, I hope you’re enjoy this new release and thanks again to Marking and welcome to the family!

Happy listening!