Alien 3 has been Remastered by our community!

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Yet another new contributor approaches, it’s now time for ButcherGrindslam to shine!

This is a bit of an awkward release: Alien 3 was already released by us, but back then we were using a modded PAL Mega Drive which yielded incorrect timing to a degree where we had to explicitly mark those releases as inaccurate in our Releases page.

This means that those soundtracks needed to be re-recorded one way or another and we still don’t have a proper hardware VGM player to get back doing our work properly, so we’ll gladly accept help from our community to fix our past mistakes and deliver a more accurate listening experience for our followers.

Also, stay tuned because I can already tell you that more remasters from ButcherGrindslam are coming soon so you might want to upgrade your collection with those releases as those are going to be way more accurate than our past work.

Thanks again to ButcherGrindslam for joining the contributors team and his efforts!

See you soon!