All of the old Amiga and DOS releases re-uploaded!

Hi everyone,

over the last years I’ve got a lot of people asking for the old releases Roareye and Dogman did, especially the Amiga and DOS ones (and Knuckles Chaotix).

Since those were “unofficial” releases which happened before the contributor era where we opened up to the community, I have never downloaded/archived them and I when I realized that most of those downloads were offline, I thought they were gone forever.

Thankfully, after making some posts on social media asking for help, it turned out that our followers and fans had saved those old releases on their hard drives and we were able to re-upload them to our Mega account.

Those are the releases which have been re-uploaded and are now available again:

3-D Dinosaur Adventure
Alien Breed
Big Run
Captain Planet
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Amiga
Knuckles Chaotix
Magicland Dizzy
Maths Drill
Mortal Kombat Amiga
Outrun Amiga
Pinball Dreams Amiga
Rambo III Amiga
SWIV Amiga
Slam Tilt
Streets of Rage Game Gear
TMNT 2 Amiga
TMNT Amiga
Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D (SC-55)
Xenon 2 Amiga
Zool 2
Zool Amiga

You can download them in the Releases page.

I’m really happy we managed to save those as they are an important part of our history and they took a lot of effort.

This said, I’ve been working on something which, while not strictly related to new releases, is a very important milestone for 16bap and I’ll make an announcement in the following days.

Thanks to all of you for following us so far, and especially to all the community members that came together to pull this massive re-upload off.

See you soon!