To all the audiophiles and audio enthusiast out there…



…this is why we record our releases at 96 Khz.

And still, as you can see from the graph above, there are informations above 45000 Hz suggesting that despite our super high sampling rate we might be still suffering from aliasing when recording at 96 Khz.

For reasons that would take an exaggeratedly long post to explain, from now on we’re going to de-emphasize everything above 41700 Hz, this way we’ll definitely get rid of artifacts (even if they might prove to be inaudible).

I’ve tried low pass filters above and below 41700 Hz and came up surprisingly with minuscule differences and after extensive testing I’ve decided to sat down at the aforementioned frequency.

For those who didn’t understand a single word from the above: from now on our releases will sound possibly even better.

Peace out!

P.S.: if you’re wondering, the graph was from a track of the new release I’m already working on. ;]