Streets of Rage: Six batteries, one hour


Streets of Rage is reknowned as one of SEGA’s strongest franchises, with some of the best music to have come out of their hardware. What is not as well known is that the first two titles saw a port to the Game Gear and Master System.

The music was converted by Yuzo Koshiro himself, with many of the original songs kept surprisingly close to the originals considering the hardware limitations. Even more interesting to note is that Streets of Rage GG’s soundtrack includes a track from Streets of Rage II!

This is a one-off, that will likely be followed by the second title only. This project is specifically for 16bit audio, however as Streets of Rage is such an iconic series it seemed a shame not to release the full soundtracks eventually.

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Xenon 2: It’s a fully sampled Megablast!


Renowned as one of the first times a computer was programmed to successfully sample a pop song, with the power of the Amiga’s sound chip. Even the Atari ST, which had been part used in the original song’s creation, was unable to perform the sampling of the original track with anywhere near as much accuracy, having to rely on synthesizing these sounds.

Anyone into 80s house music will recognise the song immediately, it’s “Megablast (Assault on Precinct 13)” by Bomb the Bass. Tim Simenon (Real name of artist Bomb the Bass) took samples from the Sly And The Family Stone track “You Can Make It If You Try”, with a theme inspired by the Splash Band track “The End (Disco Version) which was in itself inspired by the “Assault on Precinct 13” soundtrack.

David Whittaker took point on this soundtrack and did such a great job with the conversion that it blew away anyone who bought the title in 1989. Sampling is commonplace nowadays, but in the late 80s it was in its infancy and Xenon 2 Megablast earns it’s place in history at being one of the first games to perform these songs in-game with relative accuracy.

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Agony. The Amiga’s greatest send-off.


One of Psygnosis’ final games before they were bought out by Sony (To make games such as Wipeout), this soundtrack is mini who’s-who of Amiga musicians and plays like a farewell by the company themselves.

That main theme is beautifully haunting, and really showcases the classical capabilities of the Amiga’s audio chips. The Amiga was filled with brilliant 80s/90s techno and rave music but these tunes give you a moment’s pause.

We hope you’ll enjoy the soundtrack.

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Silkworm Inbound, Guns Blazing


Silkworm has been released! The spiritual predecessor to the legendary SWIV! The music is by the amazing Barry Leitch (Top Gear series) and the game is arcade perfect. So get pumped for a serious war, sling on this tune and jump in your jeep/helicopter to get yourself in on the action!

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Slam Tilt Soundtrack Released



An unapologetic pinball smash, published by the same publishers as Pinball Dreams. This game was rated as the 13th Best Game of All Time by Amiga Power back in 1996, and saw a re-release on DOS in 1997 and then again in 1999.

There are six tracks this time, including the 90s house inspired title track.

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SWIV Returns with more firepower!




Andrew Barnabas’ theme to SWIV is a track of legend. Made for a game called Decimation that never saw the light of day, this track was only salvaged by being played as a showreel track during an interview with Sales Curve when Barnabas was applying for a job there.

All the gritty notes of this song are here in full detail, pumping you up for the war of your life. Add to that a surprisingly relaxing but melancholy high score theme, “Mellow”, and you have yourself one awesome soundtrack.

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