Magicland Dizzy makes a Spellbounding arrival


The Dizzy series has been remembered as a key staple of the late 80s gaming scene, and Magicland Dizzy has a memorable theme that suits the atmosphere of the games. Often mixing classical fairy tales with the need to combat Pirates, Wizards and your sleepy cousin, this adventure series never failed to impress.

As the game only has one track, the title theme, I’ve thrown in the remake of the track from the CD32 compilation (Still running on the same hardware audio chips) made three years after the game’s initial release.

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D/Generation Released



The only Amiga soundtrack by Sean Guglar, despite being extremely short, was one that showed a huge amount of skill and promise.

D/Generation itself was a fantastic Cyberpunk adventure title, and the theme helped set the tone of a happy-go-lucky delivery boy trapped in a laboratory of out-of-control bioweapons.

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Alien Breed 92 SE Remastered



Allister Brimble’s amazing music for Alien Breed is as fresh and atmospheric today as it was on the day of it’s release. With that in mind, it has been given a re-recording using the new Amiga and recording hardware. The extras are the same as the previous release due to those disks being incompatible with the new Amiga, however the two main tracks (Theme and Superfrog Demo) are freshly recorded.

Remember to click on the image above to be taken straight to the download page.

Big Run – New Amiga Launch Hits the Road




The Amiga was always a bit of an audio oddity, often games would have title music and then only effects in game. But that title screen music? That would blow the cartridge slots out of the competition.

Big Run is a game that embodies that audio power fantastically. Superb stereo separation, a great rock inspired theme and that sound only an Amiga can make. Strap yourself in, we’re hitting the road.

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PS. We’ve updated the recording hardware for the Amiga and the Amiga itself, now using the best audio chip Commodore ever put out there instead of one from the Amiga 500. It really doesn’t get better than this.

[RELEASE] Knuckles Chaotix

A new release for the Sonic series, and this time a surprise treat. It’s the Sega 32X exclusive release of Knuckles Chaotix, with a massive 41 track soundtrack!

For those wondering, I will be doing some more Amiga work soon. However I felt that this release was missing from our list for too long and with the rarity of the game (and the expense of the game plus a 32X) it was a perfect title to showcase after our site move.

Torrent to follow. In the meantime, please register at the board to discuss your thoughts and give suggestions for future titles you’d love to see on any 16 bit format.



They said he shot the children… he didn’t shoot the children!

Rambo III is a title based on the 80s movie trilogy of the same name. In the game, you play as Rambo as he breaks through enemy barracks to rescue his friend, Colonel Trautman, and escape back to America. The gameplay is like a heavily watered down Zelda title, with dumb enemy AI and cheesy music making the title a fun romp in an otherwise uninspiring world. That being said, the title theme is a brilliant track, and well worth getting your hands on.