Castlevania: Bloodlines released and a ton of news!

Today we’re proud to announce that we have released a true masterpiece, a soundtrack so epic that you have to listen to it to fully understand what we’re talking about: enjoy Castlevania: Bloodlines!

The game franchise doesn’t need to be talked about as it is well known worldwide among every one of us, both the old school gamers and the newer generation of players. This is a game that defined a genre and surely has inspired many others.

This soundtrack sounds awesome, the samples used were definitely high quality stuff and its dark tones and organ like instruments help giving that sense of epicness to every music, with the exceptional inclusion of some of the most memorable tunes from the older Castlevanias like Bloody Tears and Vampire Killer.

As always, the torrent download will be available shortly, so be sure to check the release thread from time to time.

Now, moving onto other news, we have great, awesome ones and a “bad” one.
Let’s start with the good ones: we have a new staff member, former forum member Truepack who volunteered to put his skills at our service by making proper covers for our releases and a cooler video template for our Youtube videos.
His works are amazing, you can check them out in the requests threads, he really deserves a “Bravo!” from all of us for his hard work and skills.

But that’s not all! There are several forum members that have written lengthy posts about some of the games we’ve released and they definitely deserve to be put somewhere where everyone can read them to satisfy their retrogaming needs.

So I’m announcing that soon we’re going to have a new part of the website’s project dedicated entirely to these posts and it will go under the name of…

Yeah, that’s right!
Do you think you have a great knowledge of a game that’s been released? Do you have Youtube videos of interviews with those that have designed the game and/or soundtrack? Do you have some “insider” information about a game that no one knows?
Well, now you can write these articles in the forum and if they’re considered worthy, they’ll make into the Featured Articles page of the website and maybe be on the front page!

And that’s it about the good news, now, onto the “bad” one… the project will be put to a stop for a month because I’ll be in the US, away from home, and will be unable to record whatsoever there.
I’ll still be checking the website and the forum from time to time, I’ll be back at the end of March and we’ll try to put out another release as soon as possible.
Sorry about this guys, hope you’ll patiently stay with us and I can assure you that your patience will be greatly rewarded. :]

That’s all folks!

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