How Mega Drive/Genesis influenced the music industry

Hi everyone.

Today I stumbled over a video on Youtube which told how Mega Drive/Genesis music inspired and changed somewhat the music industry during late 80s and early 90s.

There are a lot of interviews in this to people that worked on Mega Drive games who tell us their experience and actually how a music was produced back in the day.

Everything is extremely well done: the interviews, the musics, the edit… a great work which throughly deserves to be shared here.

Enjoy the video!

The making of the Ecco PC: Fixed & Enhanced version!

This is a terrific post wrote by one of the Ecco PC: Fixed & Enhanced version authors Klaimen in our forum, in occasion of their updated release, version 1.1! Since one of the main updates in this revision is the use of our high quality soundtrack, he decided to delight us with a “Making of”, taking us along the course of all the work they’ve been through.
We, at the 16-bit Audiophile Project, welcome his initiative and wish him and all the staff of his project all the best in the future.


Yesterday I released the Ecco PC Fixed and Enhanced Edition v1.1 on Caverns of Hope (! As you probably know already, the update features the 16bit Audiophile release of Ecco the Dolphin as a soundtrack option, as well the corresponding sound effects! I wanted to take this chance to talk a bit about the release, its production, how it enhances the game, and how to activate it ingame :)

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Streets of Rage II Soundtrack: OST vs 16-bit Audiophile Project Release

(This awesome comparison was made by Roareye in the game’s release thread and it thoroughly deserves to be a Featured Article on this website, straight to the front page.
I really hope this will also encourage other people writing for us: we’d love to hear your voice, every single opinion matters and helps us growing and getting better.
Thank you Roareye, I hope to read more from you!)

It’s fair to say Streets of Rage II is a personal favourite of mine, and likely of many other people here. The late 80s house/early 90s rave themes are quintessential to the atmosphere of the brand and maybe that is partly why it is stuck in limbo now.

I own this soundtrack several times over. I’ll focus on the best two for this comparison (The Bare Knuckle remastered Soundtracks and the 16 Bit Audiophile version), however for information’s sake I’ve included the Yuzo Koshiro Best Collection vol.2 in the lineup of information.

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Outrun Soundtrack: OST vs 16-bit Audiophile Project Release

Outrun Soundtrack: OST vs 16-bit Audiophile Project Release

Hi everyone and welcome to a new article written by the boss!

First, let me introduce the Outrun Original Soundtrack.
This has been taken from the Outrun 20th Anniversary Box which is an AWESOME box which includes a whooping 11 Discs of pure retro soundtrack bliss!

Each CD has the soundtrack of a certain version of Outrun (ie: Outrun, Outrunners, Outrun 2, etc…) played with either the arcade machine or the consoles it was ported on.

For this comparison, I’ve used the sixth CD which has the Mega Drive/Genesis version of both Outrun and Outrunners.

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Interview with Jon Holland, composer of Vectorman’s Soundtrack!

I’m both pleased and honored to launch this new section of the website, the Featured Articles page, with an astounding, incredible, unique interview with nonetheless than Jon Holland, composer of the fantastic Vectorman’s Soundtrack, a true masterpiece that introduced true electronica music in a videogame.

This interview has been brought (almost exclusively despite it being freely available on Youtube) to us by our forum member Valet2! Props to him!

Enough with the talk, enjoy this in-depth interview!

Also, make sure to hit the Follow button on his Facebook:

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