Double release!!!

Toejam2 Ragnacenty


Hello everyone!
We’ve got not one, but TWO new releases for you guys, both immediately available for you to download!

Let’s start talking a bit with Toejam & Earl: this soundtrack is really, really funky with awesome choices of instruments and a cool beat. The bass goes down well deep and it will surely make you tap your feet to it.
Too bad that there aren’t many tracks but those in it are A rank.

The other game has 3 different names for it, is it known in Europe as Soleil, in the US as Crusader of Centy and in Jap as Shin Soseiki Ragnacenty.
Why, why is it that! I guess we’ll never know.
This is a MASSIVE release counting 24 tracks which are absolutely fantastic, very dreamy and some of them with quite a steady beat.
Again we have a nice selection of instruments and memorable melodies, very Final Fantasy-like.

The torrents are not available yet, Mayor Haggar is working on them, so make sure to check the release threads out from time to time to know when they’ll became available!

So… what’s next now?

I think I’ll have a break and go on holiday somewhere, in September I’ll have many exams to do at university so there won’t be any new releases coming out soon.

I’ll just give you a hint of what’s coming out next… it is something very, very special. It may come handy to know that the project has officially started on the 19th of October, so you may want to remember that date and get ready: I promise it will be something big. :]

Enough with the talks!
Head over to our Media page and get this two gems while they’re hot!

I wish you guys happy holidays and hope to see you soon!

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