Everything’s ready to record a new release!

UPDATE: in an effort to make the website look as clean and simple as possible, now there are only the Facebook and Twitter icon links on the top right of the site.
The Youtube and the new Twitch icon and links are available (along with the FB and Twitter ones) in the menu on the left, just below our logo.
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Finally I got hold of the last components I needed and we’re ready to record a new release.

That’s been a lot of work!

Meanwhile, I’ve finally set up my Twitch channel and I hope I’ll be starting streaming more or less regularly soon. I want to focus on the Mega CD/Sega CD as I feel that a lot of people didn’t have the chance to get their hands on this awesome add on and missed on a lot of good games.

About the new release, now it’s just a matter of finding a day free to record it, cut it and start sending it to Haggar. Hopefully I’ll manage to do this this weekend – no promises though.

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