Fix week and other news!

It’s Fix Week!

This week we’ll be focusing on fixing stuff around the project such as missing tracks, mis-recorded tracks, updating the youtube videos with the higher quality ones and fixing broken links and other things around the website.

I’d also like to welcome our new forum moderator, Roareye!
Thanks to him I’ll have a bit more free time and won’t have to check the forums several times a day.

Also, I’d like to point out a change in the request rule: from now on since our staff member Truepack will be doing custom covers for us, you won’t have to post the cover of the game you’re requesting!
This means that if you want you can still post the cover to make the request thread nice looking and I’ll be grateful for that, but you won’t have to.

Last but not least: there are people asking to use our material and it is ok to us.
The policy is you’re free to use everything in our project as long as you tell us before doing so and give credit to our project either by putting a link to our website, facebook page or youtube channel.

Well, that’s all! Here’s the schedule for our Fix Week:

  • Updating as much videos in the Youtube Channel as possible
  • Fix the track “Green Grove Act 2” from Sonic 3D
  • Look for broken links and fix them
  • Delete the request threads with lists in them
  • Update the Request Example Thread

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