Happy birthday!! (UPDATED)

The 19th of October marked our second year running this project… and I completely forgot about it!

I guess I was too busy recording the new release to notice, which will be out by the end of this week (if everything goes according to plan – which never does).

I’ll update this post this night with some insights and random thoughts about where we are now and where I want the project to be in the future.

Stay tuned and check back for more!


Alright, here we go.

What happened this year?

I really don’t want to go round in circles and I’m getting straight to the point: this year the project sucked.
If you remember last year’s post, I was putting the goal of releasing a total of 30 game soundtracks by making 3 each month.
I don’t even want to go back and see how many I managed to get out, I’m not even sure we managed to get out 10.

So… what happened?
Real life happened, work, study, personal matters, all kind of stuff got in the way and whenever I had to chose between investing time in something that could help my career/future or get down and record a new release, I always chose the first.
Hell, sometimes it even happened that I finally had a day off where I could record the release but I almost always found myself slacking on my sofa, playing some games (I have more than 200 games on Steam and have played only 4 or 5 so far) and go out for a walk/playing with friends.

This said, my priorities have been set and I’m sorry to acknowledge that this project is slipping to the bottom fast.

I don’t want to make promises anymore because I know I won’t be be able to keep them.
But one thing I know:  no matter how slowly we’re going to proceed, I’m never gonna stop until I’ve reached our goal.

Where are we now?

Still, awesome things happened.

Now we have two new awesome partners, RadioSEGA and Caverns of Hope.
I talked about them in another post some weeks ago.
Having partners means that the project keeps expanding, gaining more followers and letting people know of other projects which are affiliated in some way to ours. That’s something I like and I’d love to do more: finding other projects similar to our and expanding our network not only to maximize reach, but to offer our community more quality content provided by other people.

This leads us to the final point…

Where are we going?

I’d love to expand the project and make it embrace retrogaming in a more general way.
I’d like to create a “hub”, a new website, a retrogaming network which will constantly provide you with retrogaming quality content, be them news, articles, music, pictures, video and so on.

An example: yesterday night I was watching AlexKroft, a streamer on Twitch.tv which was playing the unreleased Resident Evil 1.5 beta which had been fixed by some guy and is now almost completely playable (not the Magic Zombie Door one by Team IGAS, for those following the scene, it was a new fix).
It was an awesome experience witnessing how far Capcom went into developing this game before scrapping it for what eventually became Resident Evil 2.
As such, I’d really want to write an article on it but I realize this is no place for it as we’re mainly focused on music from 16 bits console, but I think that there are actually lots of people who would be interested in this.

What’s more, it’s been more than a month that I’ve setup my personal Twitch channel and now I’m waiting for a new Jap Mega Drive to arrive so I can mod it with S-Video output and start streaming some retrogaming goodness with good quality.

This is another project I always had on my mind: making a “team” of streamers dedicated to streaming retrogaming content for our community.

As a note, bear in mind that all this expansion means that I won’t always be directly involved and neither our staff.
We are dedicated only to the 16-bit audiophile project and always be, our main priority will be putting out the highest quality soundtracks of the web.
I’d just probably “keep an eye open” in our network to make sure that content quality is always high and our community is satisfied with the work and that would be pretty much it.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I think I made my ideas clear enough about the direction I want to undertake: expand our network embracing more aspects of the retrogaming world.

When it’s gonna happen? No clue.
Will it happen?? Same.

I’ll leave this open for discussion.

And that’s all!
Thank you all for sticking with us so far and stay tuned for the next release!