Keep the torrents seeded!

As you all should know, torrents don’t seed by themselves :P

Haggar is seeding with his awesome connection almost 24/7 along with me and my meager connection (50 KB/s in upload) but that’s just not enough to feed your immense appetites of high quality retrogaming music and some users have been lamenting about slow download speeds and that’s something we really don’t want to hear as we worked tremendously hard to bring you the torrents and the last thing we want to see is a dead torrent without seeds or overburdened with leechers downloading at snail speeds.

As you know we put all the love we have to bring you those soundtracks, so, please, give something to us back: leave your torrent client open and seed our releases so that other people can enjoy them by downloading them at reasonable speeds.

And if you find yourself stuck with a slow torrent, remember that you can always snatch the tracks one by one, or altogether by using jDownloader, in our Media page: we’ll never let you down.

Thanks for reading and happy seeding!

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