Sword of Vermilion released!

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And we’re back with another community release, courtesy again of Richard Mixin who releases a HUGE soundtrack made of 33 tracks! I’m not sure if this is the biggest release we ever had (without counting Sonic 3 & Knuckles – that would be cheating, that’s two games in one!), but it’s definitely a massive one!

Thanks again to Richard for all the contributions done so far. We have more for you coming, so stay tuned for the next week’s release!

P.S.: one of our followers have asked us if we could do arcade releases.
Short answer: yes! We can and it’s even easier than ripping Mega Drive games.
I have SNK Neo-Geo, Capcom CPS1, Capcom CPS2 and SEGA System16B, so it’s definitely a possibility in the future, but with 6+ years old requests in the forums I don’t feel comfortable recording new stuff.
We’ll see!

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A new contributor joins the party along with his first contribution: Jewel Master!

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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing good during these difficult times out there.

Today I’m delighted to announce that our team of contributors has expanded: let’s all give Marking a warm welcome and thank him for his first release: Jewel Master!

It’s truly heartwarming seeing many people use their passion and dedication towards our cause and I’ll never stop thanking all of you for helping us out.

While we’re at it, I’ve also done several changes on the backbone of the website: I’ve done a huge upgrade on the server and improved the security of the website.
The very same improvements have been applied to our Forums as well.

I’ll also need to make another very nice announcement soon, because thanks to the MDFourier team we’ve also discovered another very important thing about our project and the choices we’ve made so far (spoilers: everything’s great!).

This said, I hope you’re enjoy this new release and thanks again to Marking and welcome to the family!

Happy listening!

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Strider released!

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Get ready for some more arcade action, as Richard Mixin is back with another huge release: Strider!

The Mega Drive was really blessed with many arcade ports, many of which held up really well and thanks to the MD’s fantastic synth chip, the legendary Yamaha 2612, the music never let you down.

Happy listening!

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MUSHA released!

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If you’re a SHMUP fan, you really can’t have missed MUSHA all this time.
If you haven’t played it, this is a game I personally recommend giving a spin because it’s truly fantastic (and its sequel, MUSHA Aleste, on MegaCD IMHO isn’t as good).

And the music is good as well!

Thanks to our contributor, Richard Mixin, for providing us another fantastic soundtrack.

In case you’ve missed our previous post, here’s a friendly reminder to all of our contributors (present and future!) that we’ve updated our VGM Player along with our guidelines, so if you’re planning on recording and submitting a contribution, please make sure to go through them!

See you next week!

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Our custom VGM Player has been updated!

Hello everyone,

I have some very important news to share with all of you regarding our project.
For those unaware, this project wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the incredible effort from a very talented developer at Deadfish Shitware which provided us, long time ago, with a custom made hardware VGM player which, thanks to the huge library from Project2612, enabled us to rip any games in the Mega Drive library.

What’s the big deal anyway?
I’ll try to keep it short: the VGM format is somewhat flawed because, either due to the format itself or the emulator used to log the VGMs (KEGA Fusion), the timing is off: that means different playback speed and, possibly, different pitch.

How did we manage to get around this issue? Thanks to the aforementioned custom VGM Player which has given us the possibility of playing back the VGMs at the correct speed and pitch.
The biggest issue which I’ve always been wondering about is: was the speed correction right?
At that time we didn’t have proper tools to check it so we had to do it with very limited tools and going by ear.

Today, thanks to MDFourier (link to our article) we’ve finally been able to measure the actual difference and the result is…

*drum rolls*

…we’ve been off by 0.0008ms (that is, millisecond) which, considering the length of a single frame on a Mega drive of 16,7ms equals to an error of 0,00479%.
Yes, we were absurdly close to perfection and I honestly dare anyone telling the difference.

Well, anyway, with that out of the way… the new VGM Player is now perfect down to each cycle. Yes, that 0,00479% difference is now 0. Null.

And wait, there’s more!
Thanks to MDFourier we’ve been studying where the source of all the noise in the Mega Drive is and, as we’ve always suspected, it comes from the VDP (Video Display Processor) and we’re now able to completely shut off the VDP during playback with an enormous advantage in noise floor.
See it for yourself:

What you’re seeing is the difference in noise floor between our old VGM Player and the new one: we have almost halved the noise and without the need of any hardware modification which means we’re still staying true to our own rules!

The obvious downside to this is… well, the screen is black during playback, of course. With the VDP completely off there’s no video output, obviously.

The new VGM Player is already available in our guidelines and all our contributors are strongly encouraged to update to the new one.
Also, the guidelines have seen some important updates and are now hopefully clearer and easier to follow.

And now, for some shoutouts:

First of all, we want to thank Artemio for his incredible work with MDFoufier: without this fantastic tool we wouldn’t have been able to confirm our hypothesis on noise source, get the correct playback speed down to each cycle and much, much more.

And then to FirebrandX who put a lot of effort in making a proper VGM rip of the MDFourier test. Without his work we wouldn’t have been able to properly test both the old VGM Player and the new one. This VGM is now included in the VGM Player download and, if you are a contributor, you’re welcome to send in your MDFourier recording and we’ll publish the results along with your recordings so that people will know how little the difference is between our contributor’s Mega Drive/recording chain and ours (spoilers: I’ve already done some tests and the differences are indeed very small).

Finally, to all the people working on the MDFourier project, both by actively developing it and testing it. Our project has made a huge leap forward thanks to them.

That wraps it up, hope everyone is alright out there and we’ll see you soon with another community release!

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Hellfire released!

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We’re back again with a new release from yours truly, Richard Mixin, our generous contributor who’s brought Ghouls n Ghosts last week among many many others before.

Those are difficult times for everyone, we hope that our work will help you out getting through this.
Remember that we also have a Youtube channel where we upload our releases (often with a bit of delay) and you can stream them for there without the need of downloading files at all (although quality takes quite a bit of a hit).

Be safe and stay strong, we’re all gonna make it! :-)


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