Quackshot released!

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This new Community Release from CrazyToaster has a bit of lore behind it.

When I decided to make the project open to community’s requests, so that anyone could ask for a game to be recorded and released, I had to create an example thread on how to make a proper request and I chose to use Quackshot as an example.

This was not a decision made out of the blue: I loved both the game and the music of Quackshot so I hoped that by putting Quackshot as an example people would be inclined to request it.
Except that people didn’t until very late, like, 8 years after I made that example request thread.

And after more than 10 years, finally my wish has been granted.

Now I know how all the people feel when they requested a game 10 years ago and haven’t seen their request fulfilled yet.

Anyway… thanks a lot to CrazyToaster for yet another great contribution, one very dear to me, and, as always, stay tuned as we have more Community Releases coming!