“Thanks. Welcome to the Maths Drill. Make your choice.”

So we open the new week of MONTH OF AMIGA with an exclusive! Sadly that exclusive is Maths Drill. This “game” has not appeared on any other site, including lemonamiga.com, making this an exclusive to the internet for 16 Bit Audiophile.

There’s four tracks but only one of them is music – a surprisingly well realised chorus of “Everlasting Love” by Sandra (Which was a major pop song of the 1980s). I figured I’d open the week with an exclusive, albeit one that is hardly going to be on loop on your music player. Those worrying that more of these are to come, this is the only such title I have so everything else on it’s way is from bona-fide games. In fact you have TWO more releases this coming week.

UPCOMING RELEASES : On Wednesday you’ll have a big game with a small soundtrack and on Friday you’ll have the first game of a major Amiga franchise celebrating a high quality release through us. These are not to be missed. In the meantime, feel free to laugh at Maths Drill.