A few apologies. Firstly, this wasn’t the original release scheduled for Monday but unfortunately I’m not going to be able to get it done in time so I felt it better to release something than nothing. Secondly this is a day early for much the same reason, I won’t have time tomorrow to upload the album (As I mentioned in the forums). However I felt it was better to release a day early rather than a day late.

Onto the release, Outrun has already seen its Mega Drive counterpart booming into our sound systems through this project. The reproduction of the Arcade game’s music, while not perfect, was excellently handled by the in-house team at Sega. But Sega were not ruling the console roost in the mid-late 80s, which led them to licensing out their top franchises for others to port (Much like Probe ported Mortal Kombat for Midway). Klassix handled this, and it stands as a small piece of history on Sega’s semi-third party ways before the Mega Drive was released. Other Sega titles exist on the Amiga in similar butchered forms, I will find time to release Space Harrier when I have the chance.