[RELEASE] Zool – Ninja of the Nth Dimension – MONTH OF AMIGA



Today’s release is Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension! He became known as the Amiga’s mascot rival to Sonic and Mario, Zool was a platforming title which solidified the Amiga as a true competitor to the mainstream systems – even if the platforming action wasn’t as refined as the competition.

One thing that was refined was the amazing soundtrack, which carved it’s own style into the overfilled soundscape of platformers. The epic Rock N’ Zool track was also utilised in Lotus Turbo Challenge as a nod to the intrepid ant.

UPCOMING RELEASES: Monday’s release is a legendary short soundtrack, for a title which allowed two players to complete the game on separate terrain simultaneously, and was designed as a spiritual successor of Tecmo’s Silkworm.