About our releases and using our work

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen messages in the past in the forums and my mail box asking why a certain track from an X game isn’t present in our releases.

I’ll say this once more just to make it clear.

We do not produce “ORIGINAL SoundTracks” (aka OST) because that would be absolutely ILLEGAL in most of the countries we live in and is against our principles.
Only those who detain the copyright for that X game can release an OST. An OST would not only comprehend every single track from a game, but most likely also every single jingle and, sometimes, even Sound Effects.

Our releases can be considered as “fan made soundtracks“.
We put in what we feel like are the most important tracks and, lately, we’ve started mixing down jingles and similar scores into one single track to make our releases  more “game-like” and less like a boring “track by track” soundtrack, so we can avoid having a billion little tracks that last just a handful of seconds too.

If you’ll ever talk about our project on social networks/forums/etc. PLEASE make sure that you never say something like “that project is releasing OSTs” because that would put us in a lot of trouble and could easily lead to the death of this project.

If you’re not satisfied with our work, feel free to look up the OST for that X game or ask the publisher to make one if it doesn’t exist.

Now, onto the next topic…

“Can I use your releases for my XYZ thing?”

Of course!
As long as you give us credit for the tracks you’re using you can do whatever you like with our work.
Just let me know that you’re using them, don’t just pick whatever you like and use it, always ask permission first and you’re most likely be granted it.
You can ask in our forums or send me a mail at [email protected]

Remember that you can reach us also through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as the aforementioned ways, the links are just below our logo, on the menu bar.

That’s all for now, stay tuned as a new release will be out by the end of the next week!

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