[REMASTER] Sonic the Hedgehog

It couldn’t have been otherwise, could it?

One of the most iconic games in the SEGA library had to be Remastered first, and so here we are!

A couple of notes on Remasters:

  • They will use the same page as the original release. There’s no point in having two separate pages.
  • Youtube videos will not get updated. They would not get anything out of the remasters since the youtube conversion cripples the audio quality.
  • IF the original files are still available you’ll be able to download them. If they have been taken down, there’s no point in uploading them again. Will not waste bandwidth and time on it – besides, you can still get them via torrent.
  • There are more tracks! Yep, the policy on jingles and stuff have changed a lot during those 2 years, so the Remasters will reflect the new choices.
  • The release page is better organized – this will happen to all the release pages that will get the Remaster treatment.

Next Remasters on the list are the other Sonic games.
So next one’s gonna be Sonic 2, then Sonic 3, etc…

That’s pretty much it!
As always, click on the cover to go to the download page and get our first Remaster!

Happy listening!