Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Digital Rip

Here’s the story behind this digital rip:

I was watching Mike89SDA on (a famous Sonic speedrunner and WR holder for several Sonic games) and chatting with other people about Sonic music, when one user pointed me to the Sonic 3D Saturn soundtrack, praising the Rusty Ruin Zone tracks.
I admit I’ve never played the Saturn version and was blown away by that track, so I went to to look for the OST and with great surprise I discovered that there wasn’t one!

And… well, that’s why this “non-release” was made!
You can find more information about this digital rip in the download page (which you can reach by clicking on the cover image above).

Hope you enjoy this digital rip and make sure to keep an eye open for our next release which will be out hopefully by the end of the next week!