Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Remaster is out!

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It’s finally done.

Sonic 2 remaster is finally out, this has been really a huge effort on my part.

First thing you’ll notice: there are more tracks. A LOT OF THEM.
We bumped from the original 22 to the 31 of the Remaster, so you might ask, what the hell happened?

I’ve received various complaints about how we managed the original Sonic 2 release. So this time I decided to include also all the jingles in the game and that made the track numbers go up a lot.
Another complaint was to the mixing of several tracks together like Continue? + Game Over, so now they’re separated.

So what does this mean? From now on jingles will always be ripped along with the game?


This is a one time exception due to the nature of the game and uniqueness of the soundtrack.
The rules on jingles still apply and it will be our choice to follow it and to which extent.

Anyway, enough talks, enjoy this masterpiece and please give feedback!

I’ll be on vacation till 22 August so I don’t think there’ll be any new releases by the end of August. Expect another one though during the first two weeks of September.

Have good and safe summer holidays everyone!