Sonic The Hedgehog CD ( Mega CD / SEGA CD ) Digital Rip

One release I’ve been asked about over and over again is Sonic CD and, since it was a pretty low hanging fruit, I’ve decided to release it.

Why have I been against it for all this time?
Because if you own the original CD of the game you can just put it into a regular CD Player and hear the music, with the exception of the “past” tracks which are still PCM but need to be sequenced and you can just use vgmplay to play them back.

So let me get it straight again: if you have the original CD you are gaining nothing by downloading this: being a digital rip means that it’s “bit perfect” with the source material, so you are experiencing the exact same degree of quality.

I have explained a bit more about this in the notes you can find in the release page and that’s pretty much it.

As you can guess from the album cover is the EU/JP version.
If enough people will come screaming at me asking for the NA version I might consider it at some point as most of the work is already done.

Regardless, hope you enjoy this fantastic soundtrack and thanks for sticking with us so far!

EDIT: thanks to one of our followers I was reminded that several Prototypes of Sonic CD have been found with different audio tracks, so please make some noise if you wish to see those released as well!