The greatest all-time classic soundtrack is released!

Dear fellows, I’m both honored and pleased to announce that the original Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack is out!!!
With this we almost have completed the Sonic Saga, with only Sonic Spinball out.

Unluckily, due to this game not having a proper Sound Test mode, we will have to postpone its release because as of now we don’t have the means to properly rip it and assure the maximum quality that you guys would expect from one of our releases, but we’re working real hard on it, trust me: we’re getting all the equipment necessary which is rather costly and is coming from the opposite side of the world and thus it will take almost a month for us to get it and set it up, maybe more, no guarantees on it.

Despite this, we will not just stay here doing nothing, we will be releasing other games’ soundtrack meanwhile, although we will have to put all the requests in standby as we are acquiring the new stuff to do proper rips of all those games that don’t have a Sound Test mode.

The “hard way” described in The Equipment page resulted in a lot of effort and a great failure for us all as it is not a viable, efficient way of ripping music, so we are working towards a new, better way.

Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for following us and I hope that in the future, when we will have things going at full rate, your patience will be rewarded. We are getting lots of downloads and youtube views but still the forums are empty and I would be really, really happy if someone registered just to say “Hi” or “Thank you for all the hard work” or even better give us some feedback.

Well, enough with that, head straight to our Media page and get this all-time classic!

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