The Revenge of Shinobi is out!

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Another great work by Yuzo Koshiro, another strongly recommended piece of work for all of you Mega Drive/Genesis fans.

I want to talk a little bit about ripping this game.
For some reason, the volume level was incredibly low and I had to amplify quite a bit the signal to get it to full scale.
This meant that noise got amplified as well and this time it got in the way of music.
For the first time I found myself doing some postprocessing to clean up the signal and, boy, was that a challenge.

Completely removing noise wasn’t an option as it took away small details of the music, so I had to find a way to minimize noise while retaining all the information in the track.

The end result, imho, is quite good and up to our standards.
There’s still a slight hiss throughout the tracks, but is barely detectable, especially when the music kicks in.

Please, bear in mind that all our tracks up to now have absolutely ZERO postprocessing and this is an exception to the rule which has been made due to a situation where the resulting quality of the recording was deemed not up to our standards.

This said, please enjoy our work and feel free to give feedback!