Torrents for Gunstar Heroes and Knuckles Chaotix are available!

Just a quick update: the torrents for our latest releases are finally online!

A quick word also on torrents, for those who’ve tuned in recently: torrent downloads are available only for those registered to the boards. Registering is absolutely free and it’s a nice way to say “Thank you” to all of us for our efforts.
We’ve recently moved away from .torrent files and we’re using magnet links. If you’re using a modern torrent client you shouldn’t have issues, otherwise I strongly recommend you to update to a newer client.

Thanks to our graphic designer, Truepack, we also have a new pattern for our covers for 32X:


Yeah, that’s right, thanks to our partner, Project2612, efforts we’re able to rip some of the 32X games!

You can get the torrents either from the release’s post or the Master List thread.

Stay tuned for a new (tiny) release which will be out shortly!