Updating torrents

I’m in the process of updating the torrent’s file structure and the torrents themselves, as we changed tracker one year ago but I never actually updated the old torrents files.

Please refrain from downloading these files until further notice.

Thanks for your collaboration and understanding.

UPDATE: I’ve updated ALL the torrent files. You can find them in the MASTER LIST thread.
Also, please notice that ALL torrent files in the single threads are outdated and I’m not updating them since that would be a huge waste of time.
From now on, you can download the torrents directly from the MASTER LIST and each Release thread will have a link to it to help you navigating the forum quickly.
You can read the announcement in the forum in this thread.
If you find any non-working link, please report them either in the Forum or via mail at [email protected]

Please remember, to access the Release subforum and get the torrent files you’ll have to register.
Registering is absolutely free and will take you half a minute and it’s a nice way to say “thank you” to us for our work. Leaving a small message to let us know you appreciate our doing is also largely appreciated. :-]

Also, the registration process is still bugged and I can’t do anything about it.
When you register it will ask you to activate your account and doing so will always result in failure but don’t worry: there’s no activation process. Once you’ve registered you’re good to go!

Thanks again for sticking with us; I’ll try to record a new release next week!