We are ready!

Guys, I’m so excited about this that my hands are shaking while I’m writing this post.
There are incredible, huge changes in the project right now, things that will change how we work forever… in better of course.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to the mighty Project2612.
These brave guys ripped almost EVERY SINGLE GAME in the MegaDrive/Genesis library in the .vgm format.
What is the .vgm format anyway?
It is a file with logs of the calls made to the DAC of the MegaDrive, the Yamaha YM2612 chip.
Sounds incomprehensible?
I’ll put this to you in a simpler way: the vgm file has inside the INSTRUCTIONS sent to the audio chip of the mega drive, this means that if they are reproduced on the mega drive itself, they reproduce the tracks PERFECTLY.
Dark Pulse, one of the admins of the project2612, has agreed to let the 16-bit audiophile project use their VGMs which means that we are now able to rip ANY GAME from their library.

Now, onto the next problem… to playback VGMs on the real hardware we needed proper software: those things are very hard to program as you will likely be doing it in assembly which is a painful coding language.
I was lucky to stumble upon DeadFish’s VGM_PLAY which was the right tool, the one that I needed: if you give it a list of VGMs it outputs a ROM with them, then you put the ROM on a cartridge in the mega drive et voila, le jeux sont faits, a player will show up where you can playback the tracks.
Sounds easy, huh? Well, that was the most difficult part as the software had bugs that made the vgm play faster or slower as intended.
So I contacted Michael, the genius who’s behind the VGM_PLAY software, and through an exceptional effort and endless tests he managed to fix it and now we have everything ready.

I really, really want to give a big thank you to both Dark Pulse and Michael: without you guys we would be in a tragical situation and would not be able to reach our goal in its entirety.
And to everyone who’s reading this post: if you have not joined the forums yet, this is the right moment to do it and comment this news to send your love to these incredible guys or at least give them a big “Thank you”.

As for us, we’ll be putting their banners on our website, you can find them at the footer of each page, so make sure to give them a look if you’re interested in their work.

Also, we are now accepting requests again, so feel free to make them in the forum, just remember that we are accepting requests for MegaDrive/Genesis only!

Aaaaaaand that’s all for now! See you guys in the forums! :]

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