Website restyling!

Most of you will probably be like “what the hell happened?!?!?” and I can’t really blame you for it.

The restyling completely inverted the color scheme and now we have a clean, pure snow white background with easy-on-the-eye dark grey text.

Also, gone are the cluttered menu, the giant banner and other unaesthetical things.

A quick heads up on how to find your way around the new website:

  • Clicking on the site title will bring you back to the main page (the News feed), no matter where you are
  • Clicking on the Menu icon in the upper left corner will bring you a new sleek menu where you can access all the website’s content
  • To close the Menu, simply click on the Menu icon again or just click on the link of the page where you want to go: the new page will be provided with the Menu closed.
  • In the upper right corner are the links to our social media related sites: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. If you’re unable to see those icons, make sure you disable AdBlock and similar software on our website (no clue why AdBlock blocks those icons)
  • The forum’s theme is slightly broken: there are some things which are off here and there and I’ll fix sometime in the future (low priority stuff since the forum works without issues)

Still, everything is new and pretty much untested.
If you find something which doesn’t work or have suggestions on making the website more pleasant, please let me know in the Forum or at [email protected]

Thank you for sticking with us and hopefully I’ll be recording a new release next week!