What the…

To keep this post reasonably short, I’ll skip the whole “what the hell is this Classic Gamer thing” and jump straight to what happened to our project.

The 16-bit Audiophile Project is now officially part of The Classic Gamer network.
What this means will be explained later  in another post.

Let’s focus on what has changed:

New hosting

That’s it, we now have a way better hosting which should be faster, more reliable and flexible. I couldn’t bear the slowness of the old hosting anymore and all you guys deserve a way better service. :-)
Make sure to update your bookmarks to 16bap.theclassicgamer.net !

The WordPress/blog part will now be used only by staff members

This means no one will be able to register on WordPress as it is restricted to 16BAP staff members and it will be used only to communicate news, articles and releases to our followers. All the accounts (besides the staff ones) have been purged and the registration turned off.

The old forum is gone

That’s it, we’ve finally got rid of that slow, buggy mess known as Mingle Forum and from its ashes…

We now have a proper forum platform!

That’s right, you can either use the side menu or go to forum.theclassicgamer.net to get to the new boards, named The Classic Boards. The forum will host all partners of The Classic Gamer and, among them, ours too (of course). But all this goodness came with a price…

The forum migration was a (almost) complete disaster

To put it short, I had to purge 50.000+ accounts, because the database had become huge due to spambots and stuff and I couldn’t discern real users from bots.
Luckily, most of the messages have been saved, so all the content is there, but the users posting them became “Lost in translation” and had to be deactivated.
This means you’ll have to sign up again.
I know, that sucks, sorry. :-(
P.S.: on WordPress things went better, as almost all the pages and stuff are intact and the old staff accounts are still there, so you can login in right away. Everything else has been mercilessly evicted.

There are probably bugs

So please report them on The Classic Boards so I can fix them. There may be links which point to “localhost” or the old domain which are obviously broken, so if you see any of them, please report them. Still, there are things which I won’t fix: images are all messed up in both old wordpress and forum posts. I won’t fix them, that would be too much of an hassle. Pages are all ok, I checked them and fixed them myself.

And that’s pretty much it.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy our new place and the improved performance and user experience brought by the new platform.

Ah, one more thing which I’m sure it’ll come handy: Sonic the Hedgehog was born on Christmas Island ;-)

See you on The Classic Boards!