What’s next?

Hi everyone, I’m writing a quick recap on the status of the project, what’s working, what’s not, what should be improved and how.

Let’s start with the releases: these are working great. People are downloading them, watching them on youtube and it seems that they gathered interest among the retrogaming community. Truth to be told, it seems that no one is interested in the CD quality format as everyone is just downloading the hi-res and MP3 ones. In the future I may consider removing this intermediate format and just go with hi-res and MP3 versions.

Next up is the social component of the project such as the twitter page, the facebook one and our channel on youtube.
Twitter has no visits and no one seems interested in it as it has only 3 followers (our staff members FYI) and if it doesn’t get some followers in the next 3 months, it will be shut down.
On the other hand, our Facebook page is going well although the activity is from italian users only and it seems that it has no visibility in the rest of the world.
The Youtube channel is going well but I wished it had more viewers and more subscribers although this may change in the near future.

Now, onto the (very) bad news: the community is simply non-existant, the forum is empty, there are no users and no one is registering. This makes me very sad because this project is going to be a community driven project and without a strong community we’re not going far. When partnership with other websites will start I hope people will come and join us. Until then, I’m afraid that the forums will be empty.

How are we addressing these issues?
As of now all our hopes reside in future partners.
We’re well indexed on Google but it seems that very few are reaching us from there as most visits are coming from the youtube channel.

Anyway, a new release will be out soon and it is something that all retrogaming fans will love, think about a game that we’re still carrying in our hearts. :]

Stay tuned!

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