A quick word on downloading the tracks

Many of you will probably have realized by now that all our tracks are hosted on the Mediafire file sharing service.
This is because I don’t have that much space on this hosting and I don’t want traffic/bandwidth issues that might slow the website or have it shut it down for some time because of it. Also, I prefer to store the tracks away so if there’ll ever be a shark-lawyer reclaiming the inexistent copyrights of some 20-years old videogame there won’t be issues for the hosting service and will eventually just take down the tracks on Mediafire which, obviously, will be uploaded again in few hours.

By the way, Mediafire is an awesome file sharing service, as you don’t have to wait nor write a captcha to download the files and there’s no daily downloading limit as well and still has decent speed and, of top of everything, it is free.
There may be many of you annoyed by the fact that they still have to download one song at time and it can be very time consuming to have the entire album: in this case I strongly suggest getting JDownloader, it is a download manager written in Java (compatible with all OS) with an awesome feature: the link grabber.
So, how does it work?
You start JDownloader, go to the game’s page you want to download and simply right-click the link and copy it in the clipboard: JDownloader will save it in its link grabber window, so you can just go on and copy all the other links and, in the end, just press the “play” button on JDownloader to start the downloads. That’s it.

In the future maybe we’ll consider using other means as bit torrent, but for now, we’re good this way.

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