Our second release is out: enjoy Sonic 3D!

Guys, it’s with great pleasure that today I’m revealing you our second, awesome release: get hyped for the Sonic 3D soundtrack!
Oh man, I’ve been looking forward releasing this game’s tracks since the beginning as, IMHO, this Sonic game has hands down the best soundtrack in the 16 bit console era.
Even if you have never played this game before, check it catchy tunes out!

Get it in our Media page!
Or get a preview in our Youtube channel !

And one more thing: maybe you’re asking yourself “What’s the matter with the Sonic games? Will the next release be another Sonic game?”.
The response is: yes, we’re going to release all the Sonic games soundtracks first because we have something very very big in the works which will finally get our project be known amongst the retrogaming community. A partnership maybe.

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