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Dear followers, this it the captain speaking! :]

I want to send you a very special message today, on the last day of the 2012.
I’d like to start with some great updates mainly about the project’s staff:

Our crew has grown and I’d like to introduce you our responsible for the torrents downloads, forum member Haggar!
You’re right, we will finally have torrent downloads so you’ll be able to download entire albums without the hassle of downloading the single tracks! The torrents’ links will appear shortly in the future in each game’s forum thread. As of now, we’re using a private tracker but Haggar is working hard to export those torrents to open trackers as well, so you won’t have to register to the tracker to download the album.

Onwards, we’re going to expand the game’s download page with lots of interesting infos, like alternative names, the year the game was released, the composers of the tracks and more information and trivia about the game! The one responsible for hunting down those infos is another member of our forum, powerofrecall!

I’d like to thank our new staff members for joining us and the efforts they’ll put in their work and wish them all the best.

This is it.
This year we’ve encountered so many obstacles that tried to stop us and despite all the odds, we always managed to get through and even if you may think that now we’re good and all is set, this is not true: we’ve just started and many, many things are going to come our way in the future and God only knows what other troubles we’ll be getting into that will try to prevent us from reaching our goal.
But we won’t stop, I promise: whatever may come, we’ll keep on going, we’re never going to fall, because we are ready to fight!!

This is the special message I want to send you out: never give up, NEVER.
Always follow your dreams, fight for them, never stop chasing them whatever the cost, BELIEVE in them.

That’s it guys. Happy new year, I hope your 2013 will be glorious.


About the track:

Ready to Fight has been ripped from the Street Figher II Turbo beta for the Mega Drive. This was an early prototype which had the music programmed to push the Yamaha YM2612 chip to its limits: in fact when you play the game, the sound effects cut the music down because there weren’t enough channels available, so they overlapped during gameplay.
This is a rare gem for you guys, to thank you all for your support.
Enjoy. :]

Street Fighter II Turbo (Beta) – Ready to Fight! (Staff Roll) | FLAC 96/24 | FLAC CD | MP3

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