Merry Christmas and enjoy our new release!

Hi everyone! Despite the Christmas holidays we’re still working hard here!

Today I introduce you our latest work, the Comix Zone Soundtrack!!
This soundtrack just rocks. Really. It will blow your mind, just try and listen to many of the awesome tracks of this game, you can immediately recognize that there’s a great mind at works there.

Unfortunately we had loads of issues in ripping this and I can’t guarantee 100% that this is an accurate work. We will be working on it in the future. Meanwhile you’re encouraged to download it and listen to it and if you notice something strange, just report it in the release’s thread and we will fix it asap.

With this, we’re done this year! We’re taking a break and we’ll be back with the new year with more releases, more updates, more improvements and more everything!

Keep an eye on the forums as there’ll be a new thread shortly, “To-Do List”, in which you can monitor what we’re doing and what will be up next.

In addition, our forum member Haggar has volunteered to bring us torrents downloads and he’s working on it, so keep an eye on the website to know when everything will be ready!

Also, expect a very special message to all you guys by the end of the year along with a neat surprise.

On behalf of the entire 16-bit audiophile project staff, I really want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays and… stay tuned!! :]

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