Beyond Oasis (The Story of Thor) released!

BirdyBro is back with a new, massive release: Beyond Oasis!
The game is known also as The Story of Thor and with its 34 tracks I believe that it is among the biggest releases we’ve ever done.
If this wasn’t enough to grab your attention, then know that the composer is none other than the master of the Mega Drive soundtracks himself: Yuzo Koshiro!

Massive thanks to BirdyBro for this huge contribution and, as a reminder, we’re still accepting contributions so feel free to check our guidelines and submit any rip you want!
While we know that the tools at our disposal are not perfectly accurate, they are so close that it doesn’t really matter unless our material is being used for critical work where a nearly perfect accuracy is needed, but that’s not what Community Releases are for.

Thanks again to our contributors who’ve helped us in our mission up to today and hopefully we’ll be back soon with more news about Mega Drive rips (something amazing is in the works!) and maybe some more arcade goodness!