Sonic 3D Saturn release updated!

Thanks to two kind followers on Twitter I discovered that our digital rip of the Sonic 3D Saturn release was lacking 3 tracks: those were tracks not included in the CD-Audio part of the disc, but were part of the 3 FMVs the game has.

In addition to this, there were a couple of errors in the release which have now been fixed.

A quick changelog of what has been updated:

  • Corrected the name of the artist in both file names and tags
  • Corrected the names of the Rusty Ruin Zones (they were swapped)
  • Added 3 new tracks which were part of FMVs (those have SFX in them, nothing we can do about them)

The links have already been updated so you can go and download the fixed release.

Please keep reporting us errors and mistakes so we can fix them ASAP!