Hi all,

the new release is almost ready, we’re uploading it to the file sharing service and the torrent should be ready soon as well.

I want to talk a bit about some changes I’ve made so far for efficiency sake since we’re going hard on hitting 3 releases per month.

From now on the releases will be available for download as “file chunks”.
The size of each file chunk will be 200MB as this is the file size limit Mediafire gives me.

This means that from now on instead of downloading a billion files you’ll be downloading definitely less files to get the entire release.

Actually, the MP3 version is quite small as it tops at ~150MB max so you’ll be able to download the entire release in MP3 format in one file.

The standard FLAC version sometime will fit into one chunk depending on the length and number of the tracks. The one about to be released unfortunately is 250MB so you’ll have to download two files to get it.

The Hi-Res FLAC will be variable between 3 and 7 chunks.

The files you’re going to download can be opened with 7z since they are 7zips.
You can get 7z here:

There are versions for Linux and Macs as well.

“But don… what if I want to listen to only one track?”

You can go to our Youtube channel and listen to it there. Or you can download only selected tracks from the torrent since the torrent’s structure will remain unchanged.

I feel like this is the best solution for now, it may not be convenient but it is definitely more efficient.

Please feel free to comment on this change and give suggestions.

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