Setting our goals

Here comes November and this year we’ll be trying to be more strict about release dates and, in general, the number of releases per month.

Ideally we’d like to make one release every ten days so that we can have 3 releases per month.

The flow should be as follows:

1 week: recording, quality check, album/youtube cover images, creation of the youtube videos and CD and MP3 quality versions.

3 days: upload the release, upload the youtube videos, make announcement.

I must admit that there’s not much time as, theoretically, after finishing the upload I should already be working on the next release without resting.
Maybe we should just set a goal of 2 releases per month which I find more realistic but then it would take forever to fulfill not only all the requests made but most of the Mega Drive/Genesis’ library.

Not to mention that then we have to switch over to the SNES and then maybe some other platform in the future.

This year we managed to make 20 releases which is no slouch but then it’s far from what we’d like to achieve.
With a quick calculation, if we manage to make 3 releases per month we’ll have a whooping 36 releases this year.
Instead if we settle for 2 releases per month we’ll have 24 releases which is close to what we actually achieved.

I think that our goal for this year is to go for a total of 30 releases which would be absolutely fine IMHO.

The only thing is that I’ll probably not be able to make a soundtrack by soundtrack analysis like I’ve done so far so the announcement will just be something like “Hey, we’ve released X game today! Go get it while it’s hot!” to save time and that would be it.

If someone will ever want to chime in and make a short review of the soundtrack release he’ll be more than welcome of course!

That’s it for now, tomorrow I’ll start working on a new release so don’t go anywhere! :]

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